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Hello parents of the little one. You’ve done it. You brought a wonderful little human into this world. Ready to learn, grow, feel, experience, and love.

The sacred and comforting womb has made room for a whole range of overwhelming external senses. Your baby will naturally seek to process this new world through sleep.

And it needs plenty of it.

Your baby’s rest is connected to the development of his or her brain. That’s why getting enough sleep is incredibly important in these delicate early stages. LullaBear exists to empower mothers (and fathers) with clothing that helps your baby sleep better. Our products are safe, free of harmful substances and soft and comfortable for babies sensitive skins.

LullaBear has bigger dreams.

As a young parent myself, one of the things that struck me most is the steep cost of - my baby boy - Nathan’s needs. I’m sure you were warned of this too, but once you experience it yourself, you really start to understand that it takes more than love and care to help your baby develop.

That’s why LullaBear gives back and pays forward.

We support parents who give all the love in the world to their child but struggle to make ends meet. Therefore, LullaBear makes weekly donations to parents in need.

Because every parent should be able to give their child the best possible care.

Help babies’ dreams come true with your purchase.