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Unicorn and Butterfly Baby Sleep Sack


Discover our adorable astronaut and dinosaur baby sleep sack collection. Designed to minimize scratching and sweating at night and made especially to promote a peaceful night’s sleep for newborn babies.

Our design has been based on the traditional technique of swaddling, which is when a newborn is cocooned or wrapped snugly in a blanket to imitate the secure and supportive feeling of being in the womb. Swaddling can now be achieved by using a baby sleep sack which will comfort, cool, and relax your little one as they drift off to sleep.

Since sleep is a key part of early childhood development, helping your bundle of joy to sleep peacefully at night will not only give you more beauty sleep but also allow your baby’s imagination to run wild as they dream and develop their skills through memory and cognitive development. At LullaBear, we offer lightweight, breathable organic cotton baby sacks with playful and bright designs. Temperature regulating and easy to wrap your little one in, they also make wonderful baby shower gifts for new parents.


  • Innovative Breathable Organic Cotton: Our lightweight and breathable organic cotton baby sleep sacks help to regulate your baby’s skin, keeping them cool during the summer and cozy throughout the winter. A blend of 95% organic cotton and 5% elastane, they are quick-drying to minimize nighttime sweating, which helps promote a higher quality of sleep.
  • Zero Toxins & Free From Harmful Substances - We work hard to provide baby sacks that exceed safety standards set by CPSC, FDA and CPSIA and are safe on sensitive skin. Every thread, zipper and accessory on our baby sleep sacks are rigorously tested to ensure they’re free from toxins, harmful chemicals and phthalates.
  • Temperature Regulating - 0.5 TOG value. Perfect for year-round use. Toxin and phthalates free. Suitable for babies sized 17-24". 

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        The sleeves sack design keeps their arms and legs safely and comfortably tucked away, which is especially important as they start exploring with their hands. Our sacks let them move around inside, but also keep them from scratching their face or their eyes until they gain more motor control.


        On the bottom of our cute sleep sacks you’ll find two small ties that let you keep them tucked in when they’re smaller and then expand it as they get bigger for optimal space.


        We made it easier to quickly change your baby’s diaper without removing the entire sleep sack via a quick-access zipper down the side. Perfect for when you’re on the go.

        Unicorn and Butterfly Baby Sleep Sack